A Mama's Empty Cup...


A Mama’s Empty Cup

I have been running on empty for awhile..everything I did seemed to be such a struggle. Why was I feeling this way? Where did my Joy go? Somewhere in the past two months it simply vanished! How on earth did that happen? I had been experiencing such a beautiful "sweet spot" in my Christian life for the past few months. I felt like Jesus' Love was a bubbling over! I felt like nothing could get me down because I was having such a beautiful relationship with Jesus. But then things started to change... 

The arrival of my busy season came. And as each day passed I felt myself lose a little of my Joy, but reassured myself it was only because I was so busy… But then I got stressed, on edge, and I didn’t feel like I had it all together anymore. That’s when I came face to face with some even bigger mountains(in my life) , on top of what I was already feeling…

“I’m so tired Lord.”

“Where has my strength gone?”

” I’ve let you down again'“….

Those are the thoughts that were swirling in my mind. Somewhere between thinking I had it all together and now, something had gone wrong. The “sweet spot” was gone…

If I was completely honest with myself, I knew what the problem was, ME. I had chosen other things to fill that precious time I once had used to spend with Jesus. I allowed my crazy holiday schedule, my momma duties, church responsibilities, etc to shove Jesus on the back burner! AGAIN!! It was right in that moment that I stopped what I was doing and sat down and listened to a sermon by Jim Cymbala, and what he said hit me square in the face! It was as if Jesus himself, spoke the very thing I desperately needed to hear!

Every morning when we wake up, we are faced with a choice….choose yesterdays old cup of coffee, or ask for a fresh hot cup. That choice seems like a no brainer right?! WRONG! Sadly, most of us are grabbing the old cup, day after day…..until finally all the old coffee is gone and we are still choosing that cup! Why?! We are robbing ourselves, of so much! We are too busy focusing on self, our dear families, our work, and our daily lives, that we don’t even realize what we are doing. Until we wake up one day and feel as if we lost something, or that we are overwhelmed by everything!! Theres not a drop left in our cup to face whats in front of us…

This part bring me to my knees in tears… EVERY DAY Jesus offers us a fresh full supply for our needs, but we continue to run off of, or choose to, survive off of yesterdays supply… That is exactly what I had been doing! I was running on fumes and was fumbling around on my own! Jesus forgive me! Forgive me for not asking for help! Forgive me for failing once again! Forgive me for trying to do it by myself!

I think sometimes we think we aren’t deserving enough to ask God for help. Or we simply are too scared to reap all the benefits that come with being a Daughter of the King! Jesus asks us to come boldly before His throne of grace! He wants to help! It breaks His heart to see us struggle so!

Ladies we have the honor and privilege of coming before His throne of Grace every single minute of every day! He sees you right now where you are and sees your struggle

.I can just hear Him saying,”My dear child, I have what you need right here! Just ask for it!'‘

But we are too busy “handling it” to hear Him. He eagerly awaits to fill us up with a fresh supply, every single morning! Its our choice whether we ask for it or not.

You can do what I did and run from an empty cup until you crash and burn, or trust Him to give you what you need, in this very moment…

So I encourage all of you, when you wake up, to reach up, for that fresh supply! Don’t hold onto yesterdays, it won’t help you with today! We all fail, I know I for sure do, but the beauty of it all is that we have a loving Heavenly Father who LOVES US SO MUCH and forgives us over and over again!! Praise the Lord!

Wishing you the Joy of Jesus as your spirit is renewed each day!

A Humbled, Lofty Momma,


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